A Hub for Hazards, by Jan Lindsay and Giovanni Coco

We are thrilled to share that we have established a research and teaching Hub for Hazards at the University of Auckland. Our aim is to build and nurture partnerships with national and international organisations and thus to develop a community of experts that can tackle modern inter-disciplinary challenges in natural hazards and to contribute to the education of future generations.

The history of the Asia-Pacific region teaches us that no natural hazard in this area can be underestimated, and that dealing with hazards using a inter-disciplinary approach is the way forward. At the University of Auckland, we have expertise in a variety of physical hazards (especially volcanic, coastal, seismic and landslide hazards) as well as in a variety of areas related to hazard and risk management (for example hazard and risk communication, disaster risk reduction and governance). We are excited about joining forces to explore innovative multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to natural hazard research.

The Hub specialises in facilitating a synergetic and multidisciplinary approach to the study of natural hazards. Researchers from the University of Auckland are already connected to a range of universities and organisations, particularly those that specialise in impacts, risk, resilience and recovery, through a variety of projects funded at the local, national and international level. Our network of collaborations and shared interests is already particularly strong in the Asia-Pacific region, and we look forward to establishing new contacts and exploring further endeavours.

Watch this space as the Hub is set in motion, and please check out our webpage and find out more about us!