Projects led by Hazard Hub researchers



The DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland project- DEVORA:

DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) is a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary collaborative research programme which is led by volcanologists at the University of Auckland and GNS Science. The project, active since 2008, aims to improve the volcanic hazard outlook and risk assessment for Auckland. The findings have the potential to improve business decision-making and risk management, as well as make Auckland a safer place.

Our funding partners include The University of Auckland, GNS Science, the Earthquake Commission, the Auckland Council, and Massey University. Experts from these organisations and others across New Zealand are involved in the project.



Edge: Living at the Edge – Transforming the Margins

Communities living on ‘The Edge’ are located in dynamic physical settings (e.g. coastal margins, flood plains), which are highly vulnerable to natural hazards. The experience of these hazards is exacerbated by climate, socio-economic and demographic change. This priority co-creation laboratory programme will initially be developed in Hawke’s Bay, one of New Zealand’s “hot spots” of community conflict around coastal hazard management. It will lead to tangible, viable and acceptable solutions to support communities living in highly vulnerable settings. The solutions created will empower New Zealand communities to be risk-aware, agile participants in decision-making and developing resilient futures.